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Perfit is obsessed with bringing the ease of online shopping to brick-and-mortar to allow shoppers to interact with your brand on their terms. Our robust solution platform is easy to get started and deploy. Contact us to learn more or get started.



Perfit Style interactive touchscreens deliver product information, reviews and stylized recommendations, along with a quick product-request/response feature. Now your teams can spend their time focused on providing the value that really matters: Putting the right products into the hands of your shoppers, increasing their satisfaction and your AOV.



Shoppers want to engage with associates on their own terms. x% of shoppers don't want associates to engage with them. The Perfit Concierge companion application, available in The App Store and Google Play Store, enables your team to quickly respond to shopper requests, check for available fitting rooms, retrieve suggested accessory items, enhancing associate performance and preventing lost revenue from your most engaged customers.


Bridging the gap between the digital experience and brick-and-mortar resides in the hands of the shopper.  Brands can simplify this connection by adopting Perfit Connect, the fashion-centric app built to strengthen the experience in-stores and extend it once the shopper leaves.  Featuring product information, social sharing, fitting room details, even mobile POS, Connect brings the experience to where your shoppers demand it.