Exceptional Store Experience




Are you concerned about bringing shoppers back to stores?

Does the survival of your brick-and-mortar locations keep you up at night? 

Stop worrying; Perfit is the answer.​

Perfit provides the solutions you need to open your stores safely. If you need help with basic guidelines and resources please see our guide. When you are ready to move forward contact us for more information.

Bring Shoppers to Your Stores Safely

Before COVID, 70% of shoppers begin their journey online; after it's near 100%. According to our research, 80% of shoppers would rather come to the store if they know the product is there and they can be assisted in a contactless way.


Perfit's online product reservation and appointment scheduling allows you to offer buyers a best-in-class in-store experience, with peace-of-mind.

Provide a Safe and Engaging Shopping Experience

Since COVID-19, both your shoppers and associates need to keep their distance. Perfit’s digital associate, in the fitting room or on the sales floor, can provide outstanding customer service, and free your regular associates to fulfill requests and stock, at a safe-distance.

Enable Contactless Transactions

Perfit can integrate to your existing payment provider to provide contactless payment. Perfit's complete solution provides a shopping experience from start-to-finish that minimizes the need for returns, even for shoppers who begin their journey online.

With Perfit you can reopen your stores as soon as possible while still providing a quality experience for your shoppers. Contact us for any assistance you may need to help your store move forward.

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