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Are you ready to get started to provide a Contactless Commerce marketplace to showcase businesses in your community? Perfit partners with you to provide additional value for your members. Contact us to learn how easily it is to implement and bring shoppers back to local stores, safely.


Perfit has always been about helping shoppers find the products they need in their local area with the ability to find and buy them in a clean easy manner.

Show Shoppers to Your Stores Safely

Before COVID, 70% of shoppers begin their journey online; after it's near 100%. According to our research, 80% of shoppers still prefer to shop local stores, but the experience needs to be safer and easier. 


Perfit's marketplace features locally available product, in a single search, with product reservations, appointment scheduling, and allows customers to buy-online and pick-up, in-store.

Provide a Safe and Engaging Shopping Experience

Now more than ever, local businesses and shoppers are looking for ways to find out about each other. Shoppers want quick access to product information and availability before venturing to the store. Perfit helps local businesses in your community do just that.

Enable Contactless Transactions

Perfit integrates to your accounts and platforms to provide contactless orders and payment. Perfit's solution even provides last-mile fulfillment or curbside pick-up, simplifying the journey for everyone.

With Perfit you can help bring traffic to your stores while still providing a quality experience for your shoppers.

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