• Jason Fordham

Leave your shoppers alone...

Updated: Jan 15

The actual percentage of people with this opinion varies, but it's always a significant majority: Shoppers do not want to interact with associates. A Forbes article a couple years ago was most emphatic with "95% of shoppers want to be left alone in-stores." And, even when they have a question, customers prefer to rely on in-store technology to get the answer. This should be a welcome revelation for retailers as driving customers back to their mobile devices opens the possibility of price shopping while searching for product information, reviews, or recommendations.

Fortunately, implementing the necessary technology, a.k.a., a Digital Transformation, does not have to be a major undertaking. Well placed interactive devices (with scanners) can offer everything the shopper needs: Product information; alternative sizes and colors; reviews; even complimentary items. With the right partner, these devices can be easy to deploy, remotely managed and, best of all, lower-cost than you'd imagine.

Your best associates can be huge assets in a store, but only a handful of shoppers will appreciate their expertise. Provide your average customer the information they really want without having to speak with someone, even if your associates may know or have access to every detail there is to know. It really is easy to get started...

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