• Jason Fordham

Contactless Commerce: The New In-Store Experience

Your customer is currently sitting at home knowing she needs the perfect outfit for her anniversary, and first night out in a LONG time, that’s coming up this summer. She’s got time to research while under stay-at-home, but despite finding a few great options, she wants to make sure they look as good on her as they do on the model featured on the website. The problem, she’s still wary of going into a store that may not have her size, and she’s concerned about the amount of close contacts she’ll have to have to get exactly what she’s looking for…

This is the reality for the next 12 to 18 months, probably longer, maybe forever, for in-store shopping.

You need a solution to bring shoppers back to stores and provide the best, safest shopping experience, and you need it right now.

You need Contactless Commerce.

Your shopper can find everything she wants online, confirm availability in her local store, reserve the products, and schedule a specific time to try them on. Once in the store, she can go straight to the fitting room setup for her, get readily available, stylized product recommendations from the in-room digital sales associate, make requests for additional sizes, colors or product for delivery to her fitting room, and complete her purchase without having to break the social-distance barrier.

Your shoppers need peace of mind, and a great shopping experience, while your employees need to be kept safe and productive.

COVID has changed retail - you need to adapt.

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