• Casey Reagan

3 Ways To Grow Your Store Revenue in 2020

If you are like most retailers, nearly two-thirds of your sales were influenced by a visit to a fitting room. However, we find that more than half of all fitting

room visitors leave the store without purchasing! There are many reasons for this problem, but here are 3 things you can do to convert these highly engaged shoppers and grow your revenue in 2020.

Help Your Shoppers Easily Find The Correct Size

Of course, that’s simple. Just make sure your shoppers have the right size every time. You can spend lots of time and money to enable your associates to recommend proper sizing and advise on fit for every product on the floor.

Provide Stylized Recommendations When Your Shoppers Are Highly Engaged

Again, super easy. Your shoppers are most engaged right as they are trying on a garment in the fitting room. If your associates can perfectly time “the knock” they can catch shoppers while they are dressed to offer up a complimentary look based on what the shopper is currently trying on.

Reduce the Friction to Complete the Purchase In-Store

This one is a little harder. Once the shopper finds the items they want with the proper fit just provide the shortest path to the checkout line and make sure they are not discouraged by the wait.

I am being a little fanciful here, you could do these things, but there is truly an easier way.

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