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Perfit is the leading shopper-led experience platform.  Our cloud-based solution brings the ease of digital to brick-and-mortar retail.  With an obsession on providing the best shopper experience, we deliver technology to fuel the digital transformation for retailers.


For the past twenty-five years, since the time the first major e-commerce players emerged, experts have predicted the death of the retail store.  In some cases, they were right. 

Yet, in July 2017, like most shoppers, I still found myself in major clothing brand's store waiting, while my wife, Jen, tried on several pairs of jeans.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your point-of-view, none of the jeans were a perfect fit.  As is customary for most shoppers in that circumstances, Jen, politely, asked over the wall "can you get me another pair of [insert product] in [insert size], [insert color], please," and so on as she replaced the lot.  Now, I am not as patient as my better-half, so I was not focused on capturing the running list properly just inside my head.  Instead, I, turned to my phone and started trying to record the list in the "Notes" application.  This was a less than ideal option, and having seen too-many circa-2009 iPhone commercials thought "isn't there 'an app for [this]'?"

As it turns out, there really wasn't a good one; especially with all things I have heard retailers (and shoppers) say they wanted to be able to do in-stores during my years strategizing all things retail.  And so, I talked to my long-time peers, Casey, Jamal and Tre about this "idea."  Turns out, they liked it too...

That was the beginnings of Perfit; ideation for solving for my impatience that has turned into a solution for bringing the ease of online shopping into brick-and-mortar.

-       Jason