About Us

Founded in 2018, Perfit is the leading Digital Transformation Platform making it easier for shoppers to Find, Try and Buy.

Why Perfit? 

You are running a tactile business where people want to try things on, they want to feel things, they want to know that it looks good. You need to get those shoppers from your website to your store so they can be confident in the fit and feel instead of looking for the least expensive option online.


Further, today‚Äôs shopper expects all the conveniences of digital shopping (personalized recommendations and endless aisles) when they enter your store.  Most, studies suggest near 70%, want this without having to engage one of your associates.


Perfit enhances your shoppers experience while making your staff more efficient. Not only that, you can get a 3% uptick in revenue. You can have happier customers, more enabled staff, and more money too. 

Leadership Team

Advisors and Executives

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